Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plan For The Holidays Without Thos Last Minute Stressors

There is just something about turning the corner from Halloween to the 1st of November that has everyone singing Jingle Bells and writing Christmas lists. Even eBay now has a countdown until day of Christmas arrives!

One thing you can be thankful for this holiday season, is there's a plan that can help you get through the holiday's without all the stress!

Last year, I over spent. I kept saying, "just one last thing" until all those things turned into twelve. Together, with a bunch of ladies at my local MOPS group we had a discussion about what helps us eliminate stresses during the holidays, what plan works best, and what kinds of list people actually find useful.

I took all that information and it's available in MRsCHADT's HOLIDAY PLANNER. (check it out on our BOOKS tab)

I also have a free version available over on my website.

Whenever I think of Thanksgiving, I think of travel, turkey, and pumpkin pie. All about in that order.

Then when it comes to Christmas I think of the long list of presents I need to buy. Sometimes I make gifts and hardly do I ever bake. Sorry, not one of my talents. That's okay, because my family members who love to bake, love giving cookies as gifts!

What about the holidays stress you the most? And do you have plan that helps elevate it?

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