Thursday, October 21, 2010

See How Easily You Can Keep Track of Your Mood

I say, "mood chart." You say, "No Way!"

Several years ago, that was the case when it came to filling out mood charts. It became a bad word in discussion forms and inside doctor's office. Why? The biggest complaint by those asked to fill one out - time.

Plain and simple. They took too much time.

We live in a world of fast food, convenient stores, and drive-thru pharmacies. Why then, can't we have a simpler way of keeping track of our moods?

Now we can. Thanks to three little numbers that mean so much more than what they are. Inside the Daily Mood Organizer, each day is a space for these numbers. That's it. Just THREE NUMBERS. I.A.M.

We use Daily Planners to keep track of our appointments, what we're having for dinner, who we need to call, and yet filling out a mood chart is something we bulk at. No blame there, having one more thing to do, fill out, or think about can be overwhelming.

However, for those suffering with any kind of depression, bipolar disorder, or mental disability, the information on those charts can help sustain a healthier and happier life.

I.A.M. -- three numbers. Irritability, Anxiety, and Mood. The I.A.M. Score (tm) developed from the idea of a mathematics and statistical point of view. That, and it's convenient. Three numbers. Just for you.

You no longer have to mark boxes on a chart and feel like your a case rather than a person. It's less self conscious of being depressed or manic rather than being who you are. And most important, it takes less than half the time of filling out a mood chart and still provides the same information in a simpler format.

Check it out. Find out for yourself how easy the I.A.M. Score (tm) makes it for you to keep track of your mood.

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