Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Shipping for our Military Men and Women

Yesterday I had my day all planned out: drop kids off at school, go to the bank, go to the post office, and pick kid up from preschool, then my afternoon would be free to household duties, and if I were lucky I'd have time to write.

Then as the morning progressed, my plans came to a stilted halt. It was Veteran's Day!!

Not only would the bank and post office be closed, what upset me more was I had forgotten such an important day.

So, as I began to reflect upon the day, be thankful for the veterans in my life and those I didn't even know, I got to thinking what one way I could show my support for those who have served us in the past and those men and women who serve us now.

Starting today, I'm free shipping on my books to AFO and APO addresses.

In order to receive this discount simply email the name and address (AFO or APO) and your order to me through my website at I will then send you an invoice reflecting the free shipping.

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