Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Better Days Than These Ahead...

A few days ago, nothing seemed to be going right.

The household was falling apart - everyone was sick, the laundry piled to the ceiling, dishes over flowing the sink, and a husband who went to work without lunch.

Whatever task was written down for the day, went uncompleted. Those attempted tasks failed, and the only thing I could look forward to was a babysitter arriving in the evening to allow my escape of it all.

Only, the babysitter didn't show, and the hope that had carried me through the day dissipated like a knife slicing through butter. All around me was a household in chaos, and I began to cry.

Eventually, the babysitter came to rescue me twenty minutes before the event I had scheduled to go to with my local MOPS group. Every year, it has become a tradition to attend the Taste of Home Show at the theater in town.

After playing phone tag with a few friends, rushing to get there, I found my seat. As I watched the lady on stage begin to prepare foods, my eyes drifted, and I fell asleep. Somewhere around the time of chocolate fondue I realized what had happened, and felt embarrassed.

I'd been up since 5am, sick kids, sick self, running errands, doing the best I could to tend to the house, and finally when I made it through the day and began to unwind, I relaxed and took the rest I needed.

Mother's with young children can relate, I'm sure. Those sitting around me, sat and laughed and enjoyed the show, no one noticed I wasn't awake. Many of them, friends, could relate afterwards when I admitted my fault.

My mother said there would be days like these, and many more to come, but the one thing that gets me through the days ahead, better days, is no matter how tired, frustrated, or unproductive my days may be I can always cross one thing off my to-do-list for the day, even if I have to write it in first then cross it off. Like taking a nap. :)

So when the days seem endless, and the household seems like it's falling apart, tuck hope in your pocket that there are better days than these ahead.

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