Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Along Came A Deer

All summer long we have had unusual visitors to our back yard. Living in the mist of town, you wouldn't think to find these wild creatures living amongst our homes, but they do. They terrorized our garden, and left us barely a tomato to spare.

In the warm days of June, a pair of deer would come venturing into our yard most evenings, or early morning. Along with the dozen rabbits, uncountable number of squirels, and numerous birds, but it was always the deer that struck me with the most amazement.

Yesterday started deer season for the hunters. This afternoon, as I was in the middle of waiting for dinner to cook, and tossing a load of laundery in the dry, I looked up and out the window of our back door. There she was, a lone doe, standing in our back yard. I almost felt sad and happy a the same time. Sad, because I wondered what happened to her mate. Happy, because to see a deer living in town just brings a smile to your face. It makes you wonder how they got there in the first place and keep managing to come back all this time without being hit by a car, let alone the fear of being hunted.

I didn't even care the deer was eating leaves from my farthest bush behind the house. It was good to see, to recognize, and watch the same doe I had seen in the summer return to our yard, as if it called the place home, just as much as I did.

When darkness fell, the deer was no longer in view, but I have hope it will return. I miss living in the country setting of our old home. It has been one year since we moved to the place we live now, and awaken each morning to the sounds of buses, and morning traffice. Then I think of the deer and I think about how we live in town, then I don't think it's as bad as I first thought, especially if the deer can find refuge in my back yard.

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