Monday, November 10, 2008

40 Days

For the past six weeks our church has doing 40 days of community. We've been attending small group meetings, and through those groups we've gotten to know a few more people in our church, but not only that - there's been alot of prayer, support, and bounding.

In 40 days, our church completed 32 outreach projects. Yeah, 32! We've collected clothes for the needy and food for the hungry. We've cleaned store rooms and toys. We've scrubbed, sandeded, and painted hallways the size of a football field. All for our community.

It's inspiring isn't it? For once nobody asked, what can my community do for me. No, they were saying just the opposite, and then they went out and did it.

Many hands make light work. (That just might be the title of my next blog.)

I'm currently working on writing an article for my local newspaper on the good deeds our church has done, not as brag list, but as an encouragement to others to do the same.

In a time when gas prices fluxate daily, food prices never drop, and warm blankets are always needed to wait out the cold of winter, the most important thing our community needs is the people within it striving to help one another.

That's not easy. Since moving to this town, all I've heard is about the way it used to be, before the drug dealers and the crime came in by the bus loads. Everyone's dewelling on the past, but I think it's time we all start making a future. Together.

40 days made me realize that we all have so much more to give, and I'm not talking about possessions, I'm talking about our time.

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us. It's a time for celebrateing the many blessing in our lives. As the days follow up towards this holiday, I challenge each one of you, to go out and become a blessing to others. It doesn't have to be huge. It can be small. Perhaps you can start by saying hello to your neighbor, and if you have never met your neighbor before - then it's a good time to get acquiented. A name, at the very least is better than waving each morning in the driveway to a stranger.

40 days doesn't end, as long as we keep it going. How long can it last? We'll just see won't we?

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