Thursday, April 23, 2009

Organizing Time Management

There are 365 days in a year, 54 weeks, 7 revolving days, 24 hours in a day, and never enough time.

Am I right?

Every day is cramed full of things that need done from a list that doesn't ever seem to end. There are appoints to attend, children that need picked up or taken places, and very little time to one self.

There is always someone or something tugging you in different directions and all them seem to be running against the ticker on your watch.

I've heard the expression many times, as I'm sure you have, "if only there were more time in the day."

What I've come to realize is - it's not about more time in your day, it's about MAKING time in your day work for you.

It boils down to a little time management.

I, more than most I know, am guilty of misjudging my time. I'm fifteen minutes late instead of early. I miss appoints because I didn't account for road construction and young kids don't go potty before we leave the house and need a pit stop half way through the trip of where you need to go.

I once read an article that said you must pick your priorities in order to have better time management - HA!

When your priorities are your spouse, your kids, running your household, and maybe a job on the side - there are no way to order those many priorities efficiently.

I've found, lately, the best way to time management is, are you ready..... a watch and a personal planner.

My personal planner stores everything I need for running my household and keeping my priorities exactly what they are - priorities.

I even schedule my own private time along with time to make dinner, time to play with the kids, time to spend with the spouse, appointment times, work times, errands, and helps keep me on track.

What keeps your time organized and helps you manage your day?

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